Water From Jordan River
Every crucifix is filled with water from sacred Jordan River where Jesus was baptized!
Proof of Authenticity
My Blessed Cross arrives with a signed certificate from Father Jacob.
Home Blessing
Each cross comes with a blessing by Father Jacob “Fill this place with love, joy and peace.”
Our Foundation
10% of each purchase is donated to help struggling people around the world.

Connecting You with the Holy Land

Each lovely crucifix is personally prayed over by Father Jacob Akel and contains: a sample of water drawn from the Jordan River and a copy of a prayer written by Father Jacob, that we encourage you to declare out loud, in faith, over your home and family.

Not all of us will have the opportunity to visit the Holy Land during our time on earth. My Blessed Cross brings a tiny piece of that special place into your home. It is a visible reminder of Jesus’s time here and his ultimate sacrifice that we hope will increase your faith in the Living God.

When you purchase My Blessed Cross, ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to The Blessed Cross Foundation. With the foundation’s special focus on widows and children, you can be assured that your purchase will aid those most in need. Let us cast the love of Christ far and wide through the act of blessing your home.

About Father Jacob Akel

Father Jacob Akel is a priest and pastor in the eastern part of Galilee, near the Jordan River. He ministers to his Greek Orthodox community and teaches at a local school.

Father Jacob studied at Timios Stavros, a monastery in Cyprus. According to ancient tradition, part of the original cross of Jesus was brought to this monastery for safe-keeping centuries ago.

In 1996 at the end of Father Jacob’s studies, the Abbot felt led by God to give a small piece of this ancient wood to Father Jacob. The Abbot instructed him to keep this sacred relic, for God would use his faith and love to help many people around the world. This call to help, and the connection between Father Jacob and the sacred cross of Jesus, inspired the design of My Blessed Cross and the establishment of the Blessed Cross Foundation.