Our Mission

Our Mission

Through the creation of My Blessed Cross, we strive to beautify and bless your home with a profound visible symbol of your faith, while also enriching and improving the lives of those in need.

What is My Blessed Cross?

“My Blessed Cross” is a unique and meaningful crucifix sent to your home directly from the Holy Land. Within each crucifix is a sample of water drawn from the Jordan River, a sacred place of miracles since the time of Joshua, and the site of the baptism of Jesus himself.

Also carefully enclosed in the cross is a prayer of blessing for your home.

All of this occurs under the prayerful watch of Father Jakob Akel. Father Akel prays over each crucifix, personally sanctifying the water within, and blessing the people and the home to which the cross is destined.

The cross arrives in a lovely wooden case. The case contains a prayer of blessing, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Father Akel. The prayer, written by Father Akel, is one we encourage you to proclaim in faith to invite the Holy Spirit into your home and hearts.

Our Foundation

In Matthew 25, God calls us to take care of those around us who are struggling. To honor this call, we have established The Blessed Cross Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to assist suffering Christians all over the world.

When you purchase My Blessed Cross, ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to The Blessed Cross Foundation. With the foundation’s special focus on widows and children, you can be assured that your purchase will aid those most in need. Let us cast the love of Christ far and wide through the simple act of blessing your home.