My Blessed Cross

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“My Blessed Cross” is a unique and meaningful crucifix sent to your home directly from the Holy Land. Within each crucifix is a sample of water drawn from the Jordan River and a home blessing prayer written by Father Jacob.

The cross arrives in a lovely wooden case which contains a booklet with a prayer of Salvation, Healing and Deliverance for you to recite, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Father Jacob Akel. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Blessed Cross Foundation.

A Personal Word From Father Jacob :
Each “My Blessed Cross” crucifix we send out from the Holy Land, is done so under my supervision and with my personal prayer of blessing over every one. May your crucifix become a clear visible reminder to each one of you that I’m praying for you here in the Holy Land.



  • Each package contains: Wooden Box, Crucifix with Holy water and Home blessing, Base Holder, Booklet, Certificate of authenticity.
  • Free Delivery – up to 14 Days.

Each crucifix of “MY BLESSED CROSS” comes with a unique serial number to protect it’s authenticity.
After purchasing the crucifix you can activate your product to obtain a personalized version of the Home Blessing.


Please note: the color of the wooden box may vary (dark or light brown).


  1. Geraldine

    Blessed with an opportunity to purchase these religious items (Holy Crucifix and Holy Water), including inspiring words from Fr., Jacob which have helped strengthen my family’s faith in Jesus Christ. I recommend these to my friends, especially those cancer patients.

  2. J.J

    The crosses are wonderful, especially knowing that there is water from the River Jordan, and that the Priest has blessed the water and the crucifix. I had purchased two Crosses, one for our home, and the other for my parents. I also feel good knowing that some of the proceeds from the sale will go towards charitable works.

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